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Shipping and Handling in Italy will be through mail o express courier, directly to the address you specified in the "order form". Shipping and Handling in Italy will add to your total order the amount of Euro 10,00 (apx. USD. 10). Shipping is always insured. For European and International shipping please Email:


- Returns
- Return handling procedures
- Return conditions
- Refunds
- Additional information

"Morpier Argenteria Sas" guarantees consumer rights and interests as governed by the laws regarding:
- condition of sale (go to other consumer guarantees)
- return policy
Purchase made from the "Morpier Argenteria Sas" service are subject to the condition of D.L. January 15, 1992 nr. 50, the legislative decree which regulates the right to return merchandise.
Merchandise may be returned to the retailer within 20 (twenty) days of receipt.
A customer who wishes to exercise this righ must:
a. send a registered letter with return receipt to the retailer within 20 (twenty) days of receiving the merchandise, expressing his intention to exercise this right as regulated by D.L. January 15, 1992 nr. 50.
b. send a telegram to the retailer within 20 (twenty) days or a telefax message to number 055/588475, within 20 (twenty) days of receiving themerchandise, expressing his intent as indicated above. In either case he must also send a registered letter with return receipt.
All communication regarding return of merchandise:
- must be addressed to Morpier Argenteria Sas - Via P. Carnesecchi, 15-17 - 50131 Florence - Italy.
- will be valid if postmarked within the term indicated above
- must include the name of the product to be returned
- must include the Purchase Oreder Number assigned at the moment of ordering or purchasing and pertinent information regarding the sender's back account (bank name and address agency number, account name and number)
- must be signed by the same person who originally made the purchase or signed the contract
The customer who intends to return merchandise, wether by methods (a) or (b) as indicated above, must also:
- send the merchandise to the retailer by mail within 20 (twenty) days of receipts, defined as the date of the postmark. The package must also contain original transportation documents which accompanied the merchandise. Mailing expenses for the return of merchandise must be paid by the customer.
The merchandise must be returned in good condition and must be correctly packed.
Contracts regarding services cannot be rescinded after the service has been erogated.
Morpier Argenteria Sas provide assistance and explanations regarding shipment of any type of merchandise to be returned.
For any additional information regarding return policies please call: 055/588475.
Within 30 days of receiving the letter of intent to return merchandise, and after receiving the merchandise in question, Morpier Argenteria Sas will credit the purchase price to the customer's bank account. The purchse price refers exclusively to the price of the merchandise as indicated on the transportation documents. In no case will any shipping or delivery charges be refunded. These expenses are paid by the customer in any case.


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Via Guinizzelli, 24 - 50133 Florence - Italy - Phone: (0039) 055 588475 - Fax: (0039) 055 579479

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